Replacing Missing Teeth

W5 Dental is delighted to offer dental implants, an increasingly popular procedure for replacing missing or damaged teeth and an alternative to dentures.

A new smile with dental implants

Implants are specially designed screws, made of titanium, which are fixed into the jaw and act like natural tooth roots. They are a permanent replacement for missing or damaged teeth and with routine care, dental implants have a high level of success.

Immediate placement is only possible if you are suitable, this decision will be made by the clinician at your initial consultation.

Before your new tooth can be attached to the implant it is necessary to leave it undisturbed for several months while the bone attaches to its surface. During this period a small temporary denture or bridge may be worn to fill the gap.

Uncomfortable dentures?  Looking for a same day smile?

A relatively new dental implant option, ‘Teeth in a Day’, often known as ‘All On 4’, is a process where the implants are placed and a full arch acrylic bridge is fitted to the implants, all on the same day.  If you have damaged teeth or no teeth at all, you can visit W5 Dental and leave us with implants placed and a fixed provisional bridge attached.  As fixed, immediate temporary teeth attached to implants, this is a preferred option for many patients to removable acrylic dentures, which are uncomfortable, sometimes ill-fitting and often loose.

The benefits of implants

Replacing missing teeth has several advantages:

  • You feel great because you can talk, smile, eat and laugh again with confidence
  • Improved facial appearance – the loss of back teeth can cause your mouth to sink and face to look prematurely older
  • The correct functioning of your mouth – with missing teeth, your speech may be affected since the front teeth help to form certain sounds
  • Prevention of bone loss from the jaws – after teeth are removed, the jawbone that was associated with the roots of the missing tooth dissolves away

To find out whether dental implants or ‘All on 4’ are for suitable for you, give us a call on 0208 993 5020 or book your consultation online.